Atic Digital LED Alarm Clock black

  • サイズ: 220×108×43 mm
  • 画面の明るさが2段階に切換えでき、白色LEDで大きく明るくデジタル表示しますので、どの角度からもくっきり見やすいです。
  • 2段階の音量調節があり、朝が苦手な人もパッと目覚めることができ、寝坊の心配がありません。
  • アラームを一度止めても約8分後に再び鳴り出すスヌーズ機能つき、寝過ごし防止機能です。
  • 電源:USB給電 ※ご注意:消費電力が多いためUSBからの電力供給をお勧めします。コイン電池の使用により、電源が絶たれても表示できなくなるだけで、時間や設定内容は記憶させることが可能です。


Product Description: Size: 8.7 x 4.3 x 1.7 inches (220 x 108 x 43 mm). It has a 12-hour or 24-hour display and can be switched.The brightness of the screen can be switched between 2 levels, and the white LED provides a large and bright digital display, making it easy to see from any angle.With 2 levels of volume adjustment, you can wake up even those who don’t like in the morning, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping.It has a snooze function that sounds again after about 8 minutes even if the alarm is stopped once, so it prevents you from oversleeping.Comes with a dedicated USB cable, so you can easily power it from your computer or charger.Note: 1. Power supply: USB powered. *Note: Due to high power consumption, we recommend USB power supply.With the use of a coin battery, you can remember the time and settings by simply preventing it from being displayed.2. Batteries not included.Please purchase separately.


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